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Hell, I admit I used to put guides to my pricing on my website – but, I soon saw the downfall in that. You may think that having a set guideline as to what you charge, publicly viewable, would be a good thing? Let’s have a look at that, scroll on;

In the interest of a fair fight, I thought I would state my case for having had my pricing on my website. I thought it would deter tire-kickers.

I figure it would deter tire kickers.

It should stop people phoning up asking what I charge and expecting an answer there and then. But, I am now of a different opinion.

It was a screening process for a job that I had no idea if I could commit to.

I now charge ‘per client’ rather than ‘per job’. 

So, I can give the discounts that I need to give to charitable causes. I am trying to design for love but work for money; and, if you are an aspiring designer then I thought I would share with you one of the pitfalls I went down.

I am trying to limit the amount of obstacles in between my potential client and me. This means not off putting costs and no overly complicated forms to make first contact.

Hope this helps.



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