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Yesterday was the first day back at work after a good Christmas with my folks, my partner Kathryn and Sister, Alison. I am up for more work although there has been a spanner thrown in the works. I have quite a bad feverish cold and working is proving to be a bit of an issue – being perky and present is not what I excel at when I should be under the duvet.

Well, what happened in December ’21? It changed to January ’22 quicker than I anticipated and that kind of took me by surprise. Yup.

A lot of the work I have been doing was bogged down by the festive period – not much public facing work was achieved.

I did a few personal projects, this blog being one of them.

As mentioned in a previous post, I have popped my blog here, on My social handles are now all @DrewADesigner, too.

December is often a quiet period for me. My clients are more Clients than Businesses – I often build for individuals more than corporations. They will be tied up with preparations for Christmas and not be too bothered about good design.

But, the Green Tuk website trundles on in dev, as does a careers website for a large music promoter. I hope big things come of them and they work for their clients.

I will sign this off with a stuffed nose and a rattling chest, hoping that I get some sleep in the daytime – the promise of snow and ice mean that there will be little let up in the flu season.

Although, it is not all doom and gloom. I did manage to sent a few trees out to clients who I have worked with in ’21. You can read about that on the appropriate blog post HERE.



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