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And, that was November 2021. Another month has passed, so it is time for another of Andrew Backhouse Design’s monthly recaps. What happened in the month of November? Well, let’s dig deep…

On the blog, I managed to argue myself in to confusion about what actually constitutes sustainability in design. Web Design and Graphic Design.

You can read that blog post here.

I made major in-roads as to stopping my imposter syndrome. This is massive.

I was shocked to hear that the designers I look up to; Ian Padget, Wes McDowell, Josh Hall have all battled Imposter Syndrome.

What is imposter syndrome? Well, the way it manifests with me is that when I am put on the spot I have the dread that I have no right to be there – that I am not the man for the job.

I elected myself to be in the position, but I am good at what I do. But, in this blog post I remind myself, and my blog readers, that you, as the designer, are exactly what the client is looking for.

I also had a build go live in November – it was for a fantastic client in Holland, Karin Bosveld. She is ace!

The build went well, took a bit longer than I anticipated but it is a good site.

I am working on a few other sites, they should be ready by the end of December. One of them is for an Electric Vehicle Company and the other is a Careers website for a music company.

Both sites are really flexing me – I love it.

They are the type of design builds where the client really trusts me, so I am feeling a lot freer in what I can do.

I have managed to update the fonts on this website, I do not think that the historically cut font that was the Body (Jude) was what I wanted, in he end.

So, I went with the current set up – what do you make to it? It puts a new spin on this post & on some of the more established pages?

Another thing I carried out in November was that I made a fundraiser’s website a bit more accessible for people who are visually impaired. The same set up is available on this website.

If you look for the “Little Man” in the middle of the right-hand side of your screen, you will be able to change the site – or, more to the point, how the site appears to you – by altering the elements.

The website I helped with is – if you have five minutes, head over there and ready Andy Dennis’ Blog – he is raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for MSF. You may be inspired to dip you hand in your pocket?

I am typing this blog post up on a Saturday morning – it is cold and ‘orrible. But, I am happy with the work in the previous month. I have a few weeks yet before I call it a year and write my end of year wrap up – so there is something for us both to look forward to, haha.

Thanks for reading this far in to the Blog post.



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